Vestas wind generators to the Far East

The Russian company “StroiInvest-Energia” has together with the Far Eastern Development fund, signed a contract for the reconstruction and modification of two windmills in Chukotka. The company located in the special economic zone of ”Beringovskiy” in Chukotka and planning to replace the old windmills with the more effective and secure – Vestas V27 models. The total investment value will be around RUB 43 million.

More information available here (in Russian)



The Nordic Council of Ministers has resumed co-operation with North-West Russia.

 The Nordic Council of Ministers has resumed co-operation with North-West Russia. The general aims and objectives remain the same but the work will be organized differently.


The ministers for Nordic co-operation took the decision to resume relations. The level of activity in the St. Petersburg office will remain minimal and it will not be involved in official co-operation.

Efforts will be made to get new projects of the ground that will provide support to civil society and human rights in Russia, the marketing of Nordic values and support for co-operation on the environment, energy, the climate, planning and health.

The new co-operation programme is flexible and open in terms of partners, project length and who will administer projects. The new programme and structure will be evaluated in 2017.

The level of ambition for the co-operation remains high and a significant budget has been earmarked for it.

The appropriate Russian authorities have been informed of the Council of Ministers’ plans.

Read more here


Take part in the upcoming Danish-Russian Business Forum

Russian Trade Representation in Denmark is pleased to inform that, they will be holding a Business Forum to commemorate their 70-th anniversary.


Date/Time: Thursday, April 14, 2016, 10:00-16:00
Location: Russian Trade Representation in Denmark, Vigerslev Alle 161, 2500, Valby

Language: English

Conditions: Free of charge, required registration via e-mail: rustrade@teliamail.dk

Please include your name, organization, that you represent and your position.

If you have any questions, please contact Yulia Vecherko, rustrade@teliamail.dk, +45 50 31 52 24.

You can see program overview her 


Upcoming event in Minsk, Belarus within energy efficiency and green energy solutions.

For Green Capacity Club – E&E sector group

For your information, please find information about an upcoming event in Minsk, Belarus within energy efficiency and green energy solutions. This event will take place on Thursday 11th February, and participation is free of charge.

The first part of the day will be devoted to the seminar presenting Nordic experiences in green energy and energy efficiency (e.g. biomass/forest, biomass/garbage, district heating, biomass/straw, hydropower). At the seminar the policies of different Nordic countries will be presented by representatives of ministries, energy agencies or other relevant institutions from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

 After lunch, the seminar would be followed by a B2B event organized by the Energopro. This will give the opportunity for the participants to talk directly to Nordic companies. The registration deadline is 2nd February. Please register by sending an e-mail to VyacheslavDemidkov from Energopro, v.demidkov@energopro.by. Please contact Vyacheslav as well in case you need the invitation for visa.

 More information can be found in the two attachments. The Trade Council Russia will not be present at this event, but we are assisting our Nordic colleagues with spreading the word.

Invitation to B2B meeting on Energy Efficiency and Green Solutions

Invitation to seminar on Green Energy & Energy Efficiency 


Russia seeks to cut CO2 emissions to 70% by 2030

Following the COP21 in Paris the Russian Natural Resources and Environment Ministry is seeking to reduce its CO2 emissions by 5 percentage points to 70 % of the 1990 level by 2030.

The Russian Natural Resources of Environment Ministry strives that it is a continued national priority for Russia and following the new decree issued by President Vladimir Putin, the country has plans to reduce CO2 emissions to maximum 75% by 2020.

In addition, Russia seeks to reduce CO2 emissions by an additional 5 percentage points by 2030. However, it is believed to be a very ambitious goal taken into consideration the growth of the Russian economy.

The Russian Natural Resources and Environment Ministry hopes that the decree will have similar implications as that of the Kyoto Protocol where Russia managed to carry out more than 100 projects CO2 neutral projects. 



Handing over the torch from Danish to Finnish presidency

Denmark is handing over the touch of presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers to Finland.

The main themes of the Finnish Presidency will be water, nature and people. During its Presidency, Finland would like to focus on networks with specific objectives and projects. By doing so, the goal is to raise continued interest in Nordic co-operation, also for business and civil society. 

Interested in knowing more? Read the full "Programme for the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2016" by clicking here.


Latvia takes over NB8 coordination from Denmark

On 11 December, the Latvian Foreign Ministry hosted a reception together with the Danish Embassy to mark that Latvia is taking over the coordination of the Nordic/Baltic cooperation (NB8) during 2016. Latvia will continue the priorities set by the Danish NB8 Presidency during 2015.

One concrete and important result of the NB8 in 2015 is the recent opening of a Baltic Centre for Media Excellence in Riga. The centre will promote professionally strong and independent journalism in the Baltic States. The centre is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Danish Embassy has sponsored some of the first training activities. 



Export Consultancy Tour, Denmark

Between the 11th – 15th January 2016, Marina Piotrovskaya, sector expert in Machinery & Technology will be available for export consultancies in this week of January in Denmark. Marina will be visiting different Danish companies through-out the whole country. 

If Marina should visit your company, please do contact us in advance by clicking here.



Smart City Solutions

In September, Innovation Centre Denmark, the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and Invest in Denmark co-hosted a conference on Smart City Solutions. Trends, research and insights on smart cities strategies and innovative solutions from all over the globe were brought into play under one roof in Ovnhallen at Copenhagen Business School.

Part of the output is two videos that hopefully will help to spread the key messages from the conference even further.

The first video is addressing Danish start-ups working with smart city solutions as well as research institutions and ICDK's cooperation partners both in Denmark and abroad:

The second video is addressing foreign companies and illustrates the opportunities for development and testing of smart city solutions in Denmark:


Business Opportunties in Russia, Seminar

On 18th November, the Royal Danish Consulate General will participate in the seminar “Business opportunities in Russia”. The seminar will take place in Valby, Copenhagen and the topics will include the current economic situation and support measures for foreign investors and businesses in the Russian Federation.

Additionally, the Danish Consul General, Thorbjørn Lindmark, will present current opportunities for Danish companies in Russia. The Consul General will touch upon subjects such as Russian import substitution, sector specific market opportunities, and success stories from Danish companies in Russia.

Click here to download invitation. 







Economic Seminar - Gaidar's Lessons for todays Russia

The 30th September, the Royal Danish Consulate General participated in the seminar “Economy at a crossroad – Yegor Gaidar’s lessons for today’s Russia”. Taking a starting point in Yegors Gaidor’ book Collapse of an Empire: Lessons for Modern Russia, the speakers Pirjo Tulokas, Esko Aho, Boris Grozovsky, Laura Solanko, Vladimir Miklashevsky, and Dmitry Travin among other things pointed out how well Gaidar predicted the economic stagnation of Russia. Topics of the seminar included; the effect of import substitution, state control, oil & gas dependence, capital flight, liberalization, investment environment, and innovation. The speakers among others stressed the importance of becoming less dependent on natural ressources as well as the negative consequences of import substitution.



Rountable Discussion in Vodokanal

The 29th September, the Royal Danish Consulate General participated in a meeting and roundtable conference in Veliky Novgorod, within the framework of the ‘St. Petersburg Initiative’. Danish companies, the local Vodokanal, and both local and federal Russian authorities shared solutions and concerns regarding water supply and treatment. The Danish companies had a unique opportunity to discover possibilities in the Russian region and got valuable insights into the Vodokanal’s and the Russian authorities’ future projects and prospects for the city and oblast.



New Sector Group - Food Technology

Did you know that Green Capacity Club recently launched a new sector group?

Food Technology sector group is devoted to the growing demand for foreign investment in the agricultural and food industry. 

As Russia seeks to achieve almost complete import substitution in these sectors and many farmers are modernizing new opportunities are being created for foreign companies as suppliers to the agricultural and food industry. 

For more information on the new sector group, please click here


- International conference in Copenhagen 21st and 22nd of Oct. ’15

Waste-to-Energy in the circular economy

RecyclingInternational conference in Copenhagen 21st and 22nd of Oct. ’15

With rising levels of landfilled waste and increasing demand for energy independence on political agendas a growing emphasis has been put on circular economies based on recycled and recyclable materials. The aim of the conference is to connect leading experts, companies and top policy makers in joint discussions about the future role of the Waste-to-Energy sectors. This is a great opportunity for your company for B2B matchmaking.

Link: http://coolsweep.org/arrangement/



Danish Business Delegation to Belarus

The Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow and the Royal Consulate General in St. Petersburg are planning a Danish Business Delegation headed by the Danish Ambassador to Russia Federation, Thomas Winkler.

The great success of the previous business delegation to Bashkortostan has already leaded to a new delegation, this time to Belarus! Sectors in focus will be ICT, Machinery and Technology, Energy and Environment, Healthcare, and Food & Agriculture.

General information about Belarus

Belarus is a part of the Trade Council Russia and has a population of 9.4 million. The capital is Minsk with almost 2 million inhabitants. Minsk is the most economically developed city in Belarus and is a significant industrial centre with a production of about 20% of the total industrial output. The main branches are food production, light industry, metal working, and ICT. 

Water supply

Ground water represents the main source of water supply for households and drinking purposes. Both centralized and non-centralized water supply systems are represented in Belarus.


The construction sector in Belarus is booming as the country embarks on a widespread programme to upgrade its transport and logistics infrastructure, meet rising demand for commercial and retail space, and build tens of thousands of new homes.To aid investment into the sector, Belarus is introducing new incentives for foreign capital. In 2009 it introduced legislation giving car manufacturers relocating to Belarus a three year exemption from all taxes.

Energy efficiency

The development of renewable energy sources remains one of the priorities recognized by law in Belarus. One decree demanded a 30% increase in domestic energy production by 2015 followed by a decree with targets for 2016-2020. The main goal of the decree (State Energy Policy in Belarus until 2020) is to modernize the national economy on the basis of energy efficient technologies and to provide national security in the energy sector. The legal framework for energy policy includes the laws “On energy saving” and “On renewable energy sources”.

Given the large agricultural sector in Belarus, biomass renewable energy has potential in Belarus. Further sources of biomass include wood, plant mass, and municipal waste. By 2015 it is planned to install a number of new biogas plants. Wind power is also developing in Belarus. In 2011 the first wind-driven power plant was launched. By 2016 the country is planning to launch a number of wind turbines. Furthermore the country has great potential for producing wood fuels. Forests cover about 40% of the country’s territory and are the main sources of natural energy resources.

ICT market facts

Leading “IT-Country” in the Eastern European region. 
The Belarusian game World of Tanks has become one of the most profitable in the world, in 2013 earning USD 372 mio.
The Belarusian Viber, the smartphone messaging and calling client, has become one of the most popular applications in both AppStore and Google Play worldwide.
The users of Belarusian programs are Mitsubishi, British Telecom, T-Mobile, British Petroleum, the World Bank, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Deutsche Bank, etc.
Historically, Minsk was among the main USSR IT centres because of the computer production facilities and design institutes that were concentrated here.
Belarusian High Tech Park is an analogue of Silicon Valley in California. Currently 137 large companies are registered as the Park’s residents.

For event information on ICT Market Visit click here and for invitation to ICT market visit click here. Energy & Environment market visit click here


For further information on the delegation, please contact Artem S. Dubovtsev on artdub@um.dk and Marina Piotrovskaya on marpio@um.dk (Marina is on vacation until 03/08-15).



Poultry Market Visit

Are you looking for more opportunities within the agriculture sector? Have you considered Russia? Join us for this Market Visit to Moscow 24th to 28th August 2015 and get acquainted with the Russian poultry market! 

Russia is an economy in transit and is still in the process of developing a favorable business environment. The Russian market is full of perspectives, because Russia seeks to achieve almost complete import substitution in food production. The poultry sector is one of few which can realistically achieve this goal. Accordingly, the poultry industry is one of the most high-potential spheres. Furthermore there is ‘The state program of agricultural development and regulation of agricultural products, raw materials, and food 2013-2020’. The state subsidies of agriculture are around RUB 165 billion (approx. EUR 2.2 billion)

You will gain insight into the Russian market and identify specific opportunities for your company in Russia. You will be brought close to potential partners, customers and projects, including a visit to the largest exhibition in Russia for small-scale farming achievements demonstration AGRORUS, where you will have the opportunity for B2B meetings with participating companies.

The preliminary programme for the market visit will consist of the following elements:

In order to provide you with a deeper knowledge we will make presentations on Russia’s current agricultural situation, Russian business culture, and arrange meetings with relevant Russian authorities. We will also look at the opportunities and challenges for your company in terms of sales to Russia.

For further development of the poultry sector, the competitiveness of the industry should be increased. That is development of innovative solutions in the field of genetics and selection of all types of poultry, introduction of new techniques and technological methods of deep processing of poultry meat and eggs, in order to expand the range of products, as well as an increase in the share of domestic poultry products on world markets.

  • Meetings with committee on Agriculture and Fisheries of the Leningrad Oblast
  • B2B meetings with poultry factories
  • Visiting the AGRORUS exhibition - follow the link for further information
  • Briefing about the political, economic and legal situation in Russia and what it can mean for your company
  • Reception with the authorities and potential clients/partners



St. Petersburg Initiative is continuing its journey

In ultimo of March 2015 the St. Petersburg Initiative held a successful Danish-Russian “Smart City” seminar in Moscow.
With great numbers of participants from both sides the result was fruitful. A more comprehensive description and summary can be found further below. 

One of the conclusions that ended the two day-long seminar was to find a concrete project that could use the help from SPb. Initiative network.
It resulted in the improvement of the environmental conditions of the Volkhov River and to prevent the discharge of waste water from the
Livoberezhniy wastewater treatment plants to the Rowing canal – a proposal from a Director of a Vodokanal.

The SPb. Initiative Steering Committee and Projects Committee will be organizing a separate meeting concerning
Veliky Novgorod for a comprehensive evaluation of the project and prospects of its implementation which will take place around November 2015.



Open Festival Green St. Petersburg and Green Capacity Club

On the 27th and 28th of June, the City of St. Petersburg will have its second edition of Open Festival - Green St. Petersburg after a succesful first edition with more than thousands of visitors! 

The organizers behind this event constitute of several actors such as EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) and among others МЭОО "ЭКА" - and with the blessing and involvment of the vice-governor of the Oblast.  

The aim is to create a vivid model of an eco-city of the future, including various components of ecological lifestyle and cautious consumption. Furthermore this festival is about raising awareness on conscious attitude towards nature through culture and arts and provides a unique opportunity for eco-responsible people as well as enthusiasts to take part. The mission is to spread the ecological culture and ecological lifestyle values to the private citizen and companies.

Participation in the festival opens new opportunities for interaction with the society and eco-values development.

The Danish Consulate General will participate at this event with a joint stand with our Danish partners  - Arla Foods (website), VIKING (website), Grundfoss (website) and Danfoss (website) confirmed their participation.  

For more information, program and much more can be found by clicking here! (Russian text)
You can find information about possible cooperation here! (Russian text)

For Danish companies please send a mail to Rustam Khosravi on ruskho@um.dk


The Danish-Russian Smart City seminar March, 24-25, 2015

The Danish-Russian Smart City seminar in Moscow. 


The Danish-Russian seminar on development of best available technologies was held at the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment in Moscow on the 24-25 of March 2015.

The meeting was headed by the director of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (Minprirody of Russia), Nuritdin Inamov, while the seminar was headed by the Minister Counsellor from the Danish Embassy, Steen Nørlov. Among the Danish participants were Grundfos,Hvidtved Larsen, Haldor Topsoe and Aalborg Engineering.

The seminar was very fruitful and it was agreed on to continue cooperation in concrete projects. Inamov expressed a sincere wish for concrete projects with Danish participants. A representative from the Finnish BSAG stated his envy that such a Danish-Russian seminar could take place. In the discussion the Danish companies were asked about preventions for them to implement their projects. The companies did not see other preventions than the funding problem. They stressed that the potential customers want a quick profit and that fixed tariff regulations are needed.

Present at the seminar was a wide range of regional representatives. They expressed a wish for solutions in waste combusting and waste incineration at the following plenary meeting.

The Danish companies as well as the regional participants all expressed their satisfaction with the seminar and look forward to future projects. 

You can read a more comprehensive summary of discussions, suggestions and results, as well as see the participation list by clicking here! (English text) 
The Russian text can be found here!


Green Capacity Market Visit in St. Petersburg



The first ever Green Capacity Market Visit in St. Petersburg, Russia, from 22nd - 26th of June.


The General Consulate has in collaboration with Business Development Centre of Southern Denmark arranged this export promotion trip to northwest Russia. The sector of focus will be Agriculture.

We are glad to present Danish technology and solutions to the Russian business men and women, with focus on you.

This export promotion visit is a long-term market approach, with focus to customize you a strategic plan. You will get individual matchmaking-meetings with potential customers or partners and a person-to-person guidance from consultants at the Centre.   


Who are Business Development Centre of Southern Denmark; is responsible for business support in the Southern Region of Denmark, is active in creating the appropriate instruments and services for the growth of entrepreneurial businesses and SMEs in the Southern region of Denmark.
They are specialised in assisting entrepreneurs and SMEs with growth and development of their businesses and through careful analysis they are able to offer the appropriate counselling that will enable the business to develop and grow. The team contents a large network across several business areas. The networks consist of financial counsellors, accountants, business developers, investors, banks, law firms and public services such as The Trade council of Denmark/Ministry of foreign affairs etc.


Other benefits from this business trip:

Briefing in Russian business culture
Market accesses
Networking with other Danish companies
Support from General Consulate in St. Petersburg
Financial support from Trade Council


Contact our sector expert Thorbjørn Lindmark on thorli@um.dk, for further details and get acquainted with Russia!


The Russian company “StroiInvest-Energia” has together with the Far Eastern Development fund, signed a contract for the reconstruction and modification of two windmills in Chukotka. The company located in the special economic zone of ”Beringovskiy” in Chukotka and planning to replace the old windmills with the more effective and secure – Vestas V27 models. The total investment value will be around RUB 43 million.

More information available here (in Russian)