What is Green Capacity?

Jointly, the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow and the Royal Danish Consulate General in St. Petersburg constitutes Trade Council Russia. 

We initiated Green Capacity because we believe that cooperation between Russian and Danish companies, administrations and organizations can create a network for better development of innovative solutions, energy efficiency and energy savings in the machinery and technology, 

oil & gas, water & waste, and industry sectors in Russia.

Why Green Capacity?

In the recent years Russia has become keener towards the aspects of energy efficiency and green solutions. Several new laws and political initiatives are opening up the Russian market of green energy and sustainability.

Green Capacity is the main platform for Danish companies within the sector of energy, environmental solutions, innovative machinery and technolgies that all makes more efficient use of resources.

Green Capacity Club includes

  • Specific Sector Groups
  • Five sector related brochures on energy efficiency and innovation, based on the companies’ own case stories from projects implemented in Russia. The brochures are available on the web page in Pdf-format as free download (click here).
  • Updates on the different events and seminars on the webpage.
  • Awareness campaigns, aimed at the targeted public in our sectors to achieve the biggest impact of the platform.
  • Media campaign in all target cities about Denmark as a front runner on energy and environment.
  • Seminars on relevant topics in the Russian partnercities for Russian and Danish companies, administrations, and organizations.
  • Informative leaflet for distribution by the energy and water companies to the end consumers telling about energy efficiency. E.g  Why thermostats, Why Metering, Why Water Saving etc.
  • Links from the Green Capacity web page to the participating companies, partner cities and organizations.
  • Sharing of best practice with Russian companies, administrations, and organizations.
  • Movies for download on the web page telling the story about Danish energy efficient technologies.

 Grab ‘The Low Hanging Fruits’

Green Capacity started as a branding campaign on energy efficiency and energy and environmental projects in the Russian regions. These projects were named the Low Hanging Fruits. The 'Low Hanging Fruits' project  gathers energy efficiency projects implemented by Danish companies in Russia in a catalog, which will serve as a practical reference for future projects. Since Green Capacity has developed into much more, including the focus of providing Danish best availible technologies in sectors that Russia seeks to import substitute like the agriculture and food industry. For this specific purpose the sector group, Food Technology has envolved. 

Due to state program of the Russian Federation, Energy efficiency and development of energy sector, valid from 2013 to 2020, bigger energy efficiency in several Russian sectors is required. Further the government support to import substituted sectors support the investments in foreign best avalible technologies. THowever, many contractors lack experience and knowledge in the field, and in order to implement such projects Danish know-how is needed. 

Below you can read much more about earlier campaigns and projects. 

Read more about the ‘Low Hanging Fruits’ projects

green umbrella

Latest news


    Vestas wind generators to the Far East

    The Russian company “StroiInvest-Energia” has together with the Far Eastern Development fund, signed a contract for the reconstruction and modification of two windmills in Chukotka. The company located in the special economic zone of ”Beringovskiy” in Chukotka and planning to replace the old windmills with the more effective and secure – Vestas V27 models. The total investment value will be around RUB 43 million.

    More information available here (in Russian)



    The Nordic Council of Ministers has resumed co-operation with North-West Russia.

     The Nordic Council of Ministers has resumed co-operation with North-West Russia. The general aims and objectives remain the same but the work will be organized differently.


    The ministers for Nordic co-operation took the decision to resume relations. The level of activity in the St. Petersburg office will remain minimal and it will not be involved in official co-operation.

    Efforts will be made to get new projects of the ground that will provide support to civil society and human rights in Russia, the marketing of Nordic values and support for co-operation on the environment, energy, the climate, planning and health.

    The new co-operation programme is flexible and open in terms of partners, project length and who will administer projects. The new programme and structure will be evaluated in 2017.

    The level of ambition for the co-operation remains high and a significant budget has been earmarked for it.

    The appropriate Russian authorities have been informed of the Council of Ministers’ plans.

    Read more here


    Take part in the upcoming Danish-Russian Business Forum

    Russian Trade Representation in Denmark is pleased to inform that, they will be holding a Business Forum to commemorate their 70-th anniversary.


    Date/Time: Thursday, April 14, 2016, 10:00-16:00
    Location: Russian Trade Representation in Denmark, Vigerslev Alle 161, 2500, Valby

    Language: English

    Conditions: Free of charge, required registration via e-mail: rustrade@teliamail.dk

    Please include your name, organization, that you represent and your position.

    If you have any questions, please contact Yulia Vecherko, rustrade@teliamail.dk, +45 50 31 52 24.

    You can see program overview her 


    Upcoming event in Minsk, Belarus within energy efficiency and green energy solutions.

    For Green Capacity Club – E&E sector group

    For your information, please find information about an upcoming event in Minsk, Belarus within energy efficiency and green energy solutions. This event will take place on Thursday 11th February, and participation is free of charge.

    The first part of the day will be devoted to the seminar presenting Nordic experiences in green energy and energy efficiency (e.g. biomass/forest, biomass/garbage, district heating, biomass/straw, hydropower). At the seminar the policies of different Nordic countries will be presented by representatives of ministries, energy agencies or other relevant institutions from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

     After lunch, the seminar would be followed by a B2B event organized by the Energopro. This will give the opportunity for the participants to talk directly to Nordic companies. The registration deadline is 2nd February. Please register by sending an e-mail to VyacheslavDemidkov from Energopro, v.demidkov@energopro.by. Please contact Vyacheslav as well in case you need the invitation for visa.

     More information can be found in the two attachments. The Trade Council Russia will not be present at this event, but we are assisting our Nordic colleagues with spreading the word.

    Invitation to B2B meeting on Energy Efficiency and Green Solutions

    Invitation to seminar on Green Energy & Energy Efficiency