Aquaculture and Fisheries

Date: 14 - 18 March 
Machinery & Technology
Place: St. Petersburg, Russia

Join Trade Council Russia for the Aquaculture Market Visit in the period 14th through 18th March 2016 and get acquainted with the current situation within processing equipment, production methods, feeding and operating technologies for fish and fisheries in Russia. Large growth prospects are present within the aquaculture sector as Russia is ramping up production to meet internal demand from Russian citizens. The country has a self-sufficiency target of 85% and a state budget of EUR 1.4 billion to develop the industrial fisheries sector leading up to 2020. The support mechanisms are aimed at development of research and science and the infrastructure of the aquaculture sector. Therefore, foreign investments play an important role if the industry is to meet international standards regarding packaging processes, technical equipment, feeding, and operation systems. The opportunities for your business are to supply modern methods that increase efficiency and quality, while reducing costs within fisheries and aquaculture

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