Green Capacity Club

The Green Capacity Club is a new initiative by the Trade Council Russia to easily and in a more flexible way support Danish companies in developing their presence in Russia – and in the majority of the EEU & CIS countries. The Green Capacity Club can be seen as a relaunch of our previous clubs, whereof the Energy & Environment Club, created in 2007, was the first one.

The Trade Council Russia would like to express its gratitude to those companies who have worked with us since the very beginning in 2007. We very much appreciate that you support us and trust in us. Through the Green Capacity Club we will plan even more tailored solutions that fits you.

Our new concept is for all of you to have a basic membership in our Green Capacity Club and furthermore be able to become a member in one or several of our sector groups;
Energy & Environment (E&E), Oil & Gas (O&G), Machinery & Technology (M&T), Food Technology (FT), and Water & Waste (W&W).



Being a member of Green Capacity Club gives you a lot of advantages!

  • Three hours of consulting free of charge;
  • Access to sector groups;
  • Financial contacts (EKF and other international players);
  • Tailor-made events;
  • Interesting events and business breakfasts; 
  • Themed newsletters;
  • Relevant guest articles, which may be yours; 
  • Macro news on the Russian market (e.g. politics, legislation, and economy);
  • Assistance with visa invitations and hotel bookings at favourable rates;
  • Promotion of your company and products on our different platforms.