Founded in: 1966
Population: 61.600
Official website: www.apatity-city.ru

Since 2010, Apatity, located on the Kola Peninisula, has been part of the pilot project Energy Efficient Quarter which is connected to Russia’s Energy Strategy 2030.

It was not a random choice to include Apatity in the pilot project, since the city already has some experience in implementing energy efficient projects with investments from NEFCO among others. In the period 2000 to 2009, the city has implemented three energy projects. In this period, MUP Apatity, Apatityenergo manages the heating system of the city. MUP Apatity, Apatitienergo made a project to measure the actual consumption of heat and installed metering systems in more than 50 apartment buildings.

Since 2009, work and repair of residential buildings have been carried out as part of the 185th federal law through the Assistance Fund for Housing Reform.

The purpose of the Energy Efficient Quarter is to work out the organizational, legal, financial and economic activities in the field of energy saving in the housing sector and in other facilities of the city. In accordance with the Housing Code and the RF Government Decree No. 307 on the procedure for providing public services to citizens, residents should be able to regulate energy consumption in homes and pay only for the actual amount consumed.

A future challenge in the city is to update the heating systems and heat supply in accordance with modern requirements and regulations.

We are honoured to have the support from Apatity.
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