Founded in: ~ 1005
Population: 1.200.000
Official website: www.kzn.ru

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and located near the Volga River at its confluence with the Kazanka River.

The city is part of the Russian pilot project, Energy Efficient Quarter including four cities where each city has chosen a district to implement energy efficient and energy saving solutions. According to the city, the most urgent issue is to reduce energy consumption.

The area of the experimental quarter in the New Savinovsky district which is limited by the Lavrentyev, Adoratskiy streets, Yamashev, and Amirkhan prospects makes up 390 thousand sq m. It includes 23 residential houses and 6 objects of budget sphere. Under the project energy saving measures implemented in 3 directions: the residential sector, the facilities of budget sector and the inner quarters nets.

The facades of residential houses and educational institutions are painted with a special energy saving paint which reflects and diffuses the sun energy that provides a pleasant coolness in hot summer days and the opposite in winter - low thermal conductivity significantly reduces heat loss.

Different initiatives such as units of accounting and weather control; an automated system of commercial energy accounting is set on all objects, installation of heat meters and the improvements in school no. 7 are all part of the project.

The estimated results show a good incentive to implement energy efficient solutions. The total sum of the pilot project implementation in the Energy Efficient Quarter of the Novo-Savinovsky district will be 100 million RUR but as a result the total energy consumption in the energy efficient quarter will be reduced by 23%, and the economic effect will be at least 15 million RUR per year.

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