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Founded in: 1703
Population: 4.800.000
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St. Petersburg and the Leningrad regions have great focus on the implementation of energy efficient and energy saving projects, but the city is not part of the pilot project, Energy Efficient Quarter like the other four focus cities for the Green Capacity campaign. But since St. Petersburg has an interest in cooperation with Green Capacity, the city is, of course, included in the campaign, and we are very pleased to have this cooperation.

In the water sector, St. Petersburg has implemented the North Collector project for wastewater handling and a part of the Neva programme which has meant a reduction of 2.000 tonnes of phosphorus emissions per year, and 93 % of the water is treated meaning a better environment and more energy efficient water supply. The project is partly financed with help from NDEP.

NEFCO has started an environmental fund with Prime Bank operating in St. Petersburg in order to promote energy efficiency in the industrial sector, and the purpose is to show that energy efficiency is also cost efficient. The Danish and Finnish governments are also partners in this project.  

The plan for the Leningrad region is to spend 170 million RUR on energy efficient projects and this amount is already included in the regional budget.

We are honoured to have the support from St. Petersburg city.
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