Founded in: 1586
Population: 609.100
Official website: www.tyumen-city.ru

Tyumen is located in Western Siberia, and is an important service center for the oil and gas industries in Russia.

The city was chosen to participate in the pilot project, Energy Efficient Quarter as one of the four Russian cities.

45 average apartment buildings and 13 thousand residents on a mission to go green, with the houses in Tyumen having had their windows replaced and low energy lamps installed. Special equipment to track and regulate energy has also been set up in the buildings.

The projects with the best possibilities for pay off and where companies can be involved will be chosen for implementation, and if the company doesn’t have enough money, the administration of Tyumen subsidizes a loan, according to Mikhail Namyatov, the Tyumen chief of energy saving.

The hope is to reduce energy consumption by 30 %, and that private households can reduce energy bills by 25 %. In this respect, citizens will get an economic incentive to save energy by paying only for what they spend.

The next step is for several of the houses to be painted with nanotechnology paint. Just one millimeter of this replaces 20 centimeters of rockwool insulation and is 7 times cheaper than siding.

In Tyumen, a challenge for the future will be the district heating systems, where boilers and pipelines need renovation.

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