Low Hanging Fruits

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Due to a federal law, law nr. 261 on energy efficiency from 2009, bigger energy efficiency in several Russian sectors is required. Futher the law allows project developers to be exempted from certain taxes over a five year period. The initiatives in energy conservation in Russia is long in coming , as many project developers lack experience and knowledge in the field , in order to implement such projects.

Green Capacity has launched a new energy and environmental project in the Russian regions. The " Low Hanging Fruits " project gathers energy efficiency projects implemented by Danish companies in Russia in a catalog, which will serve as a practical reference for future projects.

The new energy and environmental project in the Russian regions 'Low Hanging Fruits' resulted this August (2013) in the first edition of the “Low Hanging Fruits Reference Book”. This release has collected energy efficiency projects from 11 Danish companies and members of the 'Energy and Environment Club' ( Grundfos, Era Power, Rambol, APV Teplotex, Danfoss, Kamstrup, Per Aarslef, Rockwool, Logstor, Weiss Envikraft and Haldor Topsoe) in this catalog, to serve as a practical reference for future projects. The projects contained in the book are primarily projects in the field of energy efficiency with a payback period of less than five years.

A green Russia?
The launch of the first 'Reference Book' is only the first step. The need for projects focusing on energy savings - and efficiency is still present in the Russian market. Already now the Trade Council Russia is searching for new projects with potential for Danish companies, which will be collected in the second version of the 'Low Hanging Fruits Reference Book', which is expected ready for publication in April 2014.

Future projects in Khanty- Mansiysk
In the search of new projects the Trade Council Russia and 6 Danish companies (COWI, Hvidtved Larsen , ERA Power Weiss, Per Aarsleff , Logstor and Grundfos ) were participating in the 13th edition of the annual Energy and Environment Forum in Khanty- Mansiysk from the 16th to 17th of October 2013. Due to the Trade Councils long association with the oil-rich Khanty- Mansiysk it was possible to identify new energy efficiency projects where Danish expertise could contribute to the optimization of energy production and consumption in the region. The identified projects will be included in our new 'Low Hanging Fruits Reference Book 2014'.

Future projects in Tyumen and Chelyabinsk

Furthermore, we looked into the possibility of new projects within the district heating sector in Tyumen and Chelyabinsk in connection with the DBDH – trip from the 11th to 15th of November 2013. The primary focus were to meet relevant partners during the round-table meetings and get informed about ongoing projects and discuss possibilities for cooperation with Danish companies. The Danish companies who participated in this trip (Desmi, Grundfos, Logstor, Danfoss, Salling Plast and Aalborg Engineering) came in close contact with the agents from the Russian district heatin sector during B-2 -B meetings and networking activities were possible new 'Low Hanging Fruits projects' were identified.

Future projects in Tomsk

At a meeting between the Consulate General of Denmark and TGK -11 (energy producer in Tomsk) a wide range of potential projects in production and consumption of energy where Danish companies' expertise could promote the area's energy efficiency came to light. In collaboration with the Institute of International Cooperation in Tomsk we set up a working group whose purpose is to highlight and find the most suitable projects for our “Low Hanging Fruits” concept.

Lacking experience and knowledge
There is a huge room for improvement within the area of energy conservation in Russia, as many project developers lack experience and knowledge in the field, in order to implement such projects.

Danish companies possess knowledge and expertise that can be a catalyst for green development in Russia. Danish companies and the Trade Council Russia have a longstanding cooperation with the Russian regions and can help to create and development sustainable solutions I Russia by sharing experience already gained through past projects. Through the launch of the first Green Capacity 'Low Hanging Fruits Reference Book' in 2013 , the Trade Council has taken the first tentative green step into the Russian market, and hopefully the release of the new 'Reference Book' in 2014 further stimulate Danish companies' activity in the Russian market for green energy and energy efficiency.

If you wish to download please click for the first edition (Russian) or the second edition (Russian) of the 'Low Hanging Fruits Reference Book.