Sector Groups

Welcome to Green Capacity Club Sector Groups!

To be a member of our sector groups you will need to sign up for Green Capacity Club. The restructuring of our earlier clubs is an initiative for us to be more flexible and much more effective for our members. In each sector group you will find useful information, which advantages you will get, what can you use your membership for, and much more. 
Short description of our sector groups:

Energy & Environment

The Energy and Environment Sector Group is an extension of the Energy & Environment Club which was established in 2008. The aim of the sector group is to to call attention to all the advantages regarding Danish expertise and technologies in the energy and environment sector. As politicians are focusing more on the environment and the effectivity, the Energy and Environment sector has been a main area of interest for Trade Council. Therefore, the creation of the sector group gives us an advantage to customize and deliver value to the growing demand.

Machinery & Technology

The Machinery and Technology Sector Group was established on behalf of the Technology Club which were created by the Trade Council in 2012. The purpose of this sector group is to provide Danish and Russian companies with a common platform for Danish technology and know-how within the sectors of machinery, infrastructure, cleantech, telecommunication, IT, and nano- and biotechnologies. 

Food Technology

A new sector group, launched in the autumn of 2015, as a response to the import substituted sectors. Russia is ramping up productions to meet shortfalls - The sectors of pork, poultry, and fish are predicted to continue growing the next couple of years.  In almost the entire agricultural sector opportunities exist for further expansion and Russia is aiming to become a major agricultural player. For that reason, foreign investments are playing an increasingly important role in the development of the sector – hence, a clear vision towards modern western machinery and technologies can be ascertained.

Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas Sector Group is an extended version of the old Oil & Gas Club which were created by the Trade Council in 2011. The aim of the sector group is to provide knowledge and information concerning the oil and gas sector, which is currently the biggest contributor to the Russian economy. Within Trade Council, the Oil and Gas sector has advanced which has forced us to react on this pattern and be more flexible.  

Water & Waste

The Water and Waste Sector Group is created to collect Danish companies specialized within the sector of water and waste treatment. This will ensure the best possible circumstances to create a strong network of Danish water and waste companies and collect complementary technologies, innovation, solutions and quality in one group to create the strongest and most profitable profile on the Russian market for water and waste treatment.