Oil & Gas

Why O&G Sector Group?

Being a member of the sector group gives you a lot of possibilities on the Russian market.
The Trade Council is annually creating several market visits within several different sectors with focus on Oil & Gas. To be able to take full advantage of these market visits, the sector group gives you a unique place in our programming phase. Besides that you will get a discount of at least 50% for each market visit, you will have a more direct contact possibility to The Ministry of Energy,-Supply and Climate, as well as direct contact to developers and project companies. In total you will get:

  • At least 50% discount within the sector
  • Contact possibility to Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment- Contact possibility to developers and project companies
  • Possibility for targeted approaches for cooperation with Russian or Danish companies 
  • Personal advisor
  • Frequently fresh and sector specific news
  • Possibility for special requests

To be able to become a member of the sector group you will need to have a Danish CVR number.

Oil & Gas in Russia

Russia has the eight largest oil reserves in the world and is the world’s biggest crude producer. When it comes to natural gases Russia is one of the largest producers in the world - the oil and gas sector accounts for 30 percent of Russia’s GDP and more than 70% of Russia’s export incomes. The sectors are primarily dominated by state-owned firms, which possess leading positions in both sectors.

Despite falling oil prices and the economic challenges Russia is facing, the country remains a significant producer and exporter of oil and gas. It is forecasted that the demand for oil will increase in developing Asian countries, especially within transportation sectors which is undergoing rapid growth. For that reason, Russia recognizes that upholding oil production may be necessary, but will require investment in new technologies.

Challenges and opportunities

In order for Russian companies to expand their presence in Asia they need foreign investments in the domestic oil and gas sector. Furthermore, to allow for even greater export of oil and gas in the future, the government plans to expand the role of nuclear power. Consequently, gas and oilfield service companies that could provide the necessary service to streamline and cost optimize the industry could potentially face large scale opportunities.

Of additional interest, is the Energy Strategy of Russia. The strategy contains the main priorities of the energy sector – namely, increasing energy efficiency, reducing impact on the environment and ensuring sustainable development, as well as increasing technological development and effectiveness of the sector.

Several Danish firms provides environment protecting, sustainable and energy efficiency solutions – some of them being members of Green Capacity includes; Viking, Welltec, DHL, Zenitel, ICT logistcs, Logstor, and AVK