The Danish Ambassador to Russia, Tom Risdahl Jensen, visited the regional government of the Moscow region together with the Director at Rockwool Russia, Mr Nick Vince

The Danish Ambassador to Russia Tom Risdahl Jensen and General Director Nick Vince, Rockwool, had a meeting with the governor of the Moscow Region Mr Andrej Vorobjev on December 6 2012.

During the meeting the ambassador pointed out that the Moscow region was one of the prioritised regions for Denmark’s commercial interest within the four focus sectors; Energy and Energy Efficiency, Health, Transport and Logistics and Food. These sectors are identical with the focus areas contained in the Russian-Danish partnership agreement on modernisation that President Medvedev signed in 2010.

The meeting once again confirms the big potential for improving the cooperation between Denmark and Russia. Several major Danish companies has already now chosen to establish themselves in the region including Grundfos, Danfoss, Velux, Icopal, Rockwool, Uhrenholdt. These companies develop the Moscow region by creating workplaces, investing and paying taxes.


Spend your Christmas with a clean climate consciousness

Christmas is approaching and families all over the world meet to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The great tradition involves planning, buying presents, preparing food and and families take their time to finally relax on this day. Christmas is also the time of giving, be it love or presents, regardless if the day is celebrated in January as in Russia or in December as in Denmark.

Why not extent the love to the environment in the form of a sustainable Christmas?

Here are 10 tips for a more an ecological Christmas written by Christian Poll from the Danish Society for Nature Conservation.



The official website about Denmark has been launched in Russian

A Russian version of the official website of Denmark has just been launched. The website now exists in seven different language versions with Russian being the newest addition.

http://denmark.dk is the best platform to learn more about Denmark. The website has information on a wide range of topics relevant to everyone who is interested in Denmark and Danish culture, from information about the life style of the Danes to practical information about how to live and work in Denmark. The website also has valuable information on how Denmark is perceived by people from all over the world.

You can access the Russian version of the website here: http://denmark.dk/ru


A Danish business delegation led by Denmark’s ambassador to Russia visited the region of Tomsk on November 14-16

On November 14-16 a Danish business delegation led by the Danish Ambassador to Russia, Tom Risdahl Jensen, and accompanied by the Danish Consular General, Klaus Sørensen, visited Tomsk to participate in the “Energy 2012” congress where the theme was energy saving technology. The trip was arranged by DBDH in close cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Moscow and the Danish General Consulate in Saint Petersburg.

The highlight of the exhibition was the showcasing of the geothermal energy solution by the kinder garden” Funny Bunny”. The kinder garden is the first of its kind having the label “A”, which is the highest, in Russia because of their heating system which operates 100 % by geothermal energy. The geothermal heat pumps also cool the buildings during summer thereby replacing the need for air conditioning. In this way the water and the indoor climate is adjusted in the most energy efficient way possible and the solution is not only environmentally friendly but also cost efficient compared to traditional thermal heating systems. The energy efficient kinder garden is made possible because of cooperation between Danfoss and the Russian company Ekoklima, which has been a huge benefit for both companies as well as the local community.  

During the visit the Danish Ambassador met with the Mayor of Tomsk, Nikolay Nikolaychuk.
Here they both expressed great optimism with regards to future business prospects. The Mayor of Tomsk stressed the importance of energy efficient solutions and expressed hope that business relations will continue to improve.


Tree Planting and Fairytales at Tarhovka Forest Park

In recent years, Russia has increased the number of projects related to the protection of the environment. On September 16, a tree planting event was held at Tarhovka Forest Park, close to St. Petersburg, in the “green projects” framework of the bureau of eco-solutions, GreenUp, and in cooperation with our partner, Green City.

In addition to the tree planting, the participants enjoyed a number of other activities, including a showing of the film "The Wild Swans". The film adaption of the H.C. Andersen features decoupages and costumes made by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, which have been created specifically for the film. The decoupages and costumes are exhibited at the State Hermitage until December 2, an exhibition that was opened by Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Denmark during her visit on October 8-9.



State of Green – a gateway to more than 800 green solutions

Did you know that our partner organisation State of Green, the official green brand of Denmark, has gathered all Danish solutions, competencies and players with a stake in green business in one database?

On www.stateofgreen.com you can browse through more than 800 green solutions that have either been implemented or are under development. The database covers all areas of energy efficiency and green energy, as well as global projects developed with Danish partners. On the website you can also connect with other stakeholders in the industry. Many of the profiles welcome visitors and will gladly offer investment opportunities.

To get inspiration and explore the many green solutions, please click here


The Minister for Trade and Investment brings Danish Energy Efficiency to Sibiria

On October 11-12, a Danish business delegation, accompanied by the Danish Minister for Trade and Development Pia Olsen Dyhr, went to the Green Capacity partner city Khanty-Mansiysk and Surgut to promote Danish energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions. The delegation was led by the Danish Ambassador to Russia, Tom Risdahl Jensen, and participants included the Danish Consul General Klaus Sørensen and representatives from the Export Credit Fund and a number of Danish companies.

In Khanty-Mansiysk, the delegation participated in the “Energy efficiency – strategic vector of development” exhibition which was attended by more than 100 companies and organisations working in the field of energy conservation, as well as local authorities providing utilities and serving power systems. It was the first time Danish companies participated in the exhibition to great interest of the local participants and media, where also citizens of Khanty Manisysk could show up and exchange their light bulbs for energy saving bulbs.

Besides from participating in the forum, the Minister and the delegation also met with the governor of the region Natalia Komarova and her deputy Valentin Gripas, and participated in roundtable meetings on energy efficient technologies. This may be the starting point for the development of partnerships in the region, most promisingly in the areas of energy conversion facilities and housing, and the use of energy efficient technologies in heating and in industry. However, in this connection, topics such as the use of new pipes in heating systems, the introduction of solar power, and the rational utilization of natural resources were also discussed.

In Surgut, the Minister and the delegation met with the head of Surgut, Dmitry Popov, and participated in round table meetings on energy efficiency and municipal infrastructure, and environmental issues and energy saving within the oil and gas industry. Additionally, meetings were held with major oil and gas companies such as Surgutneftegas, Gazprom processing, Tyumenenergo, and Gazprom Transgaz Surgut. The Danish delegation proposed offers and advice in energy efficiency which are being thoroughly considered by the Surgut authorities. The city is in need of new advanced technologies in order to i.e. improve heat and water lines.

The region is among the biggest consumers of oil, gas and electricity in Russia, but is aiming at reducing its energy consumption by 40% compared to 2007, according to local governor Natalia Komarova. This means that even small measures of energy saving towards reducing consumption with a few percent can have a great impact on the local economy, and offer great opportunities for Danish companies working in all fields of energy and environment. The Danish Minister for Trade and Development, Pia Olsen Dyhr emphasized the expertise of Danish companies within various fields of energy efficiency and green solutions as well as experience with working in arctic areas from Greenland and the Faroe Islands, parts of the Danish realm.


Green City features Green Denmark - Green Fairytale

The Green Capacity partner, the magazine Green City, just released their latest issue. The issue features a story on H.R.H. the Crown Princess' visit to St. Petersburg on October 8-9 where she opened the Wild Swans exhibition at the Hermitage, visited Vodokanal, Baltika, and the State Hermitage's Children's Art School etc, as well as a story on New Nordic cuisine and Rasmus Kronborg who was the Danish chef behind the Green Denmark reception on October 9 and the special New Nordic menu served at Grand Hotel Europe October 5-12.

You can download the 5th edition of Green City here (in Russian)


Green Denmark – Green Fairytale, H.R.H the Crown Princess’ visit to St. Petersburg

On October 8-9, Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Denmark visited St. Petersburg as a part of the Green Denmark – Green Fairytale event hosted by The Royal Danish Embassy and the Royal Danish Consulate General in St. Petersburg, an event that sought to present the Danish concept of energy efficiency.

During her stay, H.R.H the Crown Princesses opened the Wild Swans exhibition at the State Hermitage, an exhibition of decoupages by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark. The decoupages were made for the film adaption of the H.C. Andersen fairytale The Wild Swans, and have since been exhibited around the world in cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Rome, and Washington D.C. The exhibition has its final destination in St. Petersburg and is exhibited at the State Hermitage Museum until December 2nd. H.R.H. the Crown Princess also visited Vodokanal St. Petersburg, the Russian water supplier which promotes resource saving and educates children in water preservation; Baltika, a subsidiary of Carlsberg whose production facility is energy and water efficient; the Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad; and the State Hermitage Museum's Children's Art School where children were making decoupages based on H.C. Andersen’s famous fairytales.


Besides from the cultural activities, the event sought to promote Danish energy efficiency, New Nordic food and Danish companies. A key event was thus the Green Denmark reception where H.R.H. the Crown Princess presented Nick Vince from Rockwool with H.R.H. Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour and the Danish Export Association’s diploma, recognising Rockwool’s outstanding performance in Russia. At the reception, a special New Nordic menu was served, made by the up and coming Danish chef, Rasmus Kronborg, and H.R.H. the Crown Princess took time to meet with guests from the sponsoring companies; Rockwool, Carlsberg, Uhrenholt, Arla, Danske Bank, Maersk, Haldor Topsøe, and Grundfos.

A business program was also held to promote the strengths of Danish business, energy efficiency. The participants took part in seminars on financing, efficiency in the water sector, and energy efficiency at Vodokanal Skt. Petersborg, where H.R.H. the Crown Princess visited a roll-up exhibition on Danish companies and took time out to meet with representatives from the participating companies.


Denmark is the world leader in the field of energy efficiency with an energy consumption that remains at the level of 1980, even though the economy has grown 78% since then. In the same period, the volume of renewable energy increased by five times. These results could not be achieved without the knowledge of Danish companies.

The Russian Channel 1 followed H.R.H. the Crown Princess during her stay. Here you can see the footage from October 8 and October 9 (in Russian)



Nick Vince, Rockwool Russia, Honoured for Outstanding Performance in Russia

The Managing Director of Rockwoll Russia, Nick Vince, was Monday October 8 awarded with H.R.H. Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour and the Danish Export Association’s Diploma at the Green Denmark reception at Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg, where the award was presented by H.R.H. the Crown Princess. It was the Danish Consul General in St. Petersburg who nominated Rockwool Russia for their outstanding performance in Russia.

Rockwool has been present in Russia for more than 30 years, and is one of the Danish companies with the largest investments in Russia. In 2010 and 2011 alone, Rockwool invested more than 200mln USD in Russia, and in 2012 they opened their fourth factory in the country, and now employ more than 1,200 employees in Russia. Nick Vince has been with Rockwool since 1990 and has been the Managing Director of Rockwool Russia since 2007 and has thus been in the lead of this exceptional growth in the region which includes Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Moldova.

Rockwool Russia has thus been the catalyst in the recognition of the Rockwool Group’s knowhow and expertise in particularly insulation, and has created the basis for a long term growth in Russia. Rockwool Russia is an example for export of Danish knowhow and products.

Rockwool is also a member of Green Capacity in the sectors of Housing, District Heating, and Industry.

For more information about H.R.H. Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour and the Danish Export Association’s Diploma, please visit the official website at www.exportaward.dk


Danish Cuisine, Bicycle Culture and the Visit by HRH the Crown Princess are making the Russian News

The Danish Consulate General in St. Petersburg has recently made the news on TV and during Europe Day in Saint Petersburg Russian media has focused on Danish food, bicycle culture, and Denmark as a green country.

Danish bread on Russian TV
The Consul General was recently on Russian TV in a feature on Danish cuisine. He hosted a dinner where the guests were served classic Danish dishes such as rye bread with liver paté, cheese, herring, shrimps and much more. The meal was prepared with produce from Danish companies such as Arla, Carlsberg, and Uhrenholt to great excitement of the guests.

The programme was shown on Channel 1 at 08.05 on Thursday the 20. of September in the morning feature. The full feature can be seen here

The Russian media has become aware of Danish food and especially New Nordic Food. The Danish chef, Rasmus Kronborg, is therefore coming to Saint Petersburg during the Green Denmark-Fairytale event which among other things will promote Danish cuisine. He will compose a special Danish menu which will be served in the restaurant at Grand Hotel Europe between October 5th and 12th. Read more here 

Klaus Sørensen with his Danish cook book

Danish bicycle culture in Russia
Europe Day was celebrated in Saint Petersburg on the 22nd of September. Included in the program was a bicycle parade where the streets in the centre of the city were blocked to make room for the cyclists. The Danish Consulate General and the Danish Cultural Institute represented Denmark with eight cyclists, each with the Danish flag hanging from the red and white bikes. The Danish delegation was naturally in front to promote Denmark as a cycling nation

The Danish Delegation in front of the Winter Palace

Green Denmark – Green Fairytale

The Danish Consulate General has through these events drawn attention to the Green Denmark- Green Fairytale event which takes place on the 8th and 9th of October. HRH the Crown Princess will participate by opening the exhibition “The Wild Swans” – decoupages by H.M. the Queen. She will also partake in a range of other events that will brand Denmark as a pioneer within energy efficiency and promote Danish companies and New Nordic Food.
You can read more about the Green Denmark – Green Fairytale event here 

Klaus Sørensen tells about the exhibition "The Wild Swans" - decoupages
by HM The Queen at the opening of Nordic Weeks in Saint Petersburg


Green Denmark - Green Fairytale

The Royal Danish Consulate in St. Petersburg is hosting the event “Green Denmark – Green Fairytale”. The event consist of several parts all branding Denmark. Firstly, the exhibition “The Wild Swans” - decoupages by H.M. the Queen of Denmark will be on display at the States Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg from the 8th of October through the 2th of December. In connection to this event the city of St. Petersburg will have yet another Royal visit from Denmark. Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess will pay a visit from 8th through the 9th of October where Her Royal Highness among other things will open the exhibition at the Hermitage. In extention to this, the Danish Minister for Trade and Investment will vistit Khanty-Mansiysk. The focus areas of the trip will be decentralized solutions, energy and the use of excess gas from the oil production.

In both cases, a Danish business delegation led by the Ambassador, will participate to set focus on Danish companies. It will be possible to participate in various round table meetings, meet with Russian companies and stakeholders, and partake in the opening of the "Wild Swans"Decoupages opening and reception as well as the visit to Khanty-Mansi Okrug.

We believe that these events represent a great opportunity to brand Denmark as well as individual companies in the sphere of Energy & Environment, Oil & Gas, and Agriculture; “Green Denmark – Green Fairytale”.

It is possible to participate in both events, or either event individually. Please click here to download the invitation and program for the event Green Denmark - Green Fairytale, and here to download the invitation and program for the visit to Khandy-Mansiysk and Surgut.

If you have any questions please contact Klaus Sørensen at klasor@um.dk


New Business Opportunities - Russia has entered the WTO

As of today, August 22, 2012, The Russian Federation has entered the WTO. In a press release, the Danish Minister for Trade and Investments, Pia Olsen Dyhr describes this as a ground breaking development for Russia and the international community.

The WTO membership introduces a process to make trade regulations more transparent and hence to decrease trade barriers as trade conflicts will be resolved within the established framework of the WTO. It is expected that the membership will create a better business climate in Russia and increase trust with foreign investors. The World Bank expects that the Russian GDP will increase 3.3 per year as a direct effect of the WTO membership. More specifically, the import duties for goods will on average decrease from 10% to 8%. This tariff reduction will result in savings of 2.5 bn. EUR annually for exporters throughout the EU.

The membership also offers new growth opportunities for Danish companies on the Russian market. According to the Minister, Energy and Environment, Agriculture and Food, Healthcare, and Shipping will be among the focus areas in the government export strategy.

This development will increase the demand for Danish quality products in a variety of fields. In this connection the Danish government has introduced a goal of increasing the export of Danish goods with 50 % by 2016. Currently, Russia is Denmark’s 13th largest export market, and in 2011 Danish companies exported for 12 bn. DKK. The vast majority of exports are within the sectors of industrial machinery, meat, as well as medicin and pharmaceuticals. The Danish government is going to strengthen export promotion and is conducting market analyses to increase Russian-Danish investments and trade relations.

The Danish Minister for Trade and Investments is leading a Danish business delegation on Energy & Environment and Oil & Gas to Khanty Mansiysk on October 10-13. For more information please contact Klaus Sørensen at klasor@um.dk.


12th St. Petersburg International Energy Forum

Consul General Klaus Sørensen will participate in the 12th St. Petersburg International Energy Forum 18-20 September, 2012. He will take part in the Forum conference ‘Implementation of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Programs. Experience and Innovative Technologies’ with a speech on "Energy efficiency policy in Denmark".

The Forum, one of the leading events of energy industry in Russia, includes exhibitions and conference events covering all sections of energy sector. A special attention will be paid to the issues of energy efficiency and energy saving technologies.

The representatives of political, scientific and business elites of different countries, the leading energy companies, the leaders of oil producing, machine building and nuclear industries take part in the Forum.

The decisions made at the conferences are sent to the Russian Federation President Administration, the Russian Federation Council, the corresponding industrial institutions and committees that without doubt makes an emphasis on their practical and scientific significance.


Visit from the director general of ESCO Tyumenergo

We are hereby pleased to inform you that director general of ESCO Tyumenergo company http://esco-te.ru/ Mr. Mukumov is coming to Denmark in the end of August in order to make a presentation on energy service contracts in Russia, possibilities for the Danish companies dealing with energy efficient technologies on the Russian market plus legislative and financial issues in connection to energy efficient projects in Russia. 

Mr. Mukumov has great experience in energy service contracts. He has participated in composing federal laws on energy efficiency and has vast knowledge in legislative and financial issues.


Denmark Stay Tuned - free app about Denmark

Are you a journalist trying to figure out what Denmark and the Danes are all about? Tune into Denmark and stay tuned. Denmark Stay Tuned is a free app that will help you tune into this country of bicycles, design, Hans Christian Andersen and new Nordic cuisine.

Download the app and get free and ready-to-use editorial texts, images and videos from Denmark as well as local contacts for easy access to additional information and interviews. Upon return from your stay in Denmark, the app will help you stay tuned by providing you with news from Denmark.

As a journalistic shortcut to information about Denmark, the app will introduce you to the happiest people in the world, Denmark as a green nation and the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the new Nordic cuisine, classic and contemporary design, world class Danish architecture and how Danes think out of the box in many different ways. Finally you will get a rundown of national quirks and the oddest things quintessentially Danish.

Text, images and videos are for strictly editorial use only and contributors must be duly acknowledged. Contributors retain all rights to the content.

The app works online and offline. (Updates, sharing and links only work when online). Images are in high resolution (300 dpi unless otherwise stated). To keep international roaming costs to a minimum, they will appear as links when e-mailed, tweeted or used on Facebook. Videos are all in mp4 360p or 1080p.

Denmark Stay Tuned has been initiated by the International Press Initiative, which is funded by the Danish Government and embedded in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Get "Denmark Stay Tuned"
Get the Denmark Stay Tuned app by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or get it here: http://presseinitiativet.um.dk/en/media/app/


Constitution Day and Cultural Reception

On the 5th of June, Constitution Day of Denmark, The Royal Danish Consulate General hosted a cultural reception on the river Neva.

Danes, Russians and other foreigners alike created their very own atmosphere of “hygge” in Russia. “Hygge” is a Danish kind of cosiness with many faces. With St. Petersburg as the background for the event, sailing up and down the river Neva, it was a great pleasure for The Royal Danish Consulate General to see so many guests enjoying the renowned state of “hygge” in these settings, and more importantly all of our guests added to the mood and aura with great spirit. During the reception a Jazz band added further to cosiness of the evening, while hot and cold appetizers were flowing along with the Danish version of the hotdog.

We would like to thank all of our guests for celebrating the Constitution Day with us and for making the evening a success, without our great spirit and mood the reception simply wouldn’t have been the same.

We would also like to use this opportunity to send out a very special thank you to our sponsors. Arla, Baltika (Carlsberg) and Uhrenholt, without your contribution more than 100 guests would have been left without this experience. Without the kind help facilitated by our sponsors the reception we wouldn’t have been able to experience traditional Danish “hygge” at the shores of Russia.

Thank You!

We sincerely hope to see you all again soon!


Hot Cool 2012 Magazine

The new issue of HOT|COOL 2012, Russian edition, has just been published.

The magazine presents a number of relevant articles about developing a smarter and more cost effective heating system.

This issue includes:

  • District heating in Europe, by Birger Lauersen, President, Euroheat & Power
  • District heating in Frederiksberg municipality in central Copenhagen, by Frederiksberg Utilities
  • Providing the Tools for Good Customer Relations, by Kamstrup
  • Increasing boiler efficiency through using new cleaning technology, by Aerovit
  • Proved by practice, by Danfoss
  • Efficient combined heat and power in Central and Eastern Europe, by Aalborg Engineering
  • Pump  Audit as an effective method of energy savings in district heating, by Grundfos
  • Reduction of Water Loses in the District Heating Network - the best way to save energy, by HYDRO-X International A/S
  • The biomass system, by Dall Energy
  • Results of the Project TACIS ERUS 9404 in Tula, by V.S. Gusev, General Director of Scientific and Research Center «ENIT»
  • Energy production from sludge, by Ramboll
  • Danish State Visit to Russia, by DBDH

To read the whole magazine, click here (in Russian).

Happy reading


From the 21st through 23rd a delegation from Denmark visited Tyumen

Last week the Energy and Environment Club Russia and the Green Capacity Campaign had the pleasure to go to Tyumen with a Danish delegation.
The trip included among other things a great number of business activities, such as round-tables on energy efficiency in housing, industrial as well as oil and gas sectors, meeting with the Governor of Tyumen oblast, meeting with the Head of Tyumen city Administration and visits to Lukoil, Fortum, Tekhnopark.

Tyumen is an important center of industry and science which is shown from all the factories, engineering companies, oil industry service companies, design institutes, etc. located in this area.

Green Capacity is on its way to the second phase and in that connection Tyumen will play a big role among other things because Tyumen really works to improve and develop the Danish-Russian cooperation and business contacts.

All in all it was a really successful trip and we are confident that, in the future, the cooperation with this area will improve even more.


Krasnodar as a new pilot city in Green Capacity

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that we have another pilot city within our Green Capacity Campaign. The new official partner city is Krasnodar!

Krasnodar is located on the Kuban River about 148 kilometers northeast of the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk. The city is the administrative center of Krasnodar Krai.

It is the economic center of southern Russia which among other things is shown by its turnover, which is the largest in the Southern Federal District.

The territory is involved in investment cooperation with more than 60 countries, and 773 companies with foreign capital are registered here.

Krasnodar is looking forward to learn about the Danish experience in the area of energy saving and energy efficiency among other things within technology improvements, as well as we are very much looking forward to future cooperation and are delighted to welcome Krasnodar on board. 

The Russian company “StroiInvest-Energia” has together with the Far Eastern Development fund, signed a contract for the reconstruction and modification of two windmills in Chukotka. The company located in the special economic zone of ”Beringovskiy” in Chukotka and planning to replace the old windmills with the more effective and secure – Vestas V27 models. The total investment value will be around RUB 43 million.

More information available here (in Russian)