The Nordic Council of Ministers has resumed co-operation with North-West Russia. The general aims and objectives remain the same but the work will be organized differently.


The ministers for Nordic co-operation took the decision to resume relations. The level of activity in the St. Petersburg office will remain minimal and it will not be involved in official co-operation.

Efforts will be made to get new projects of the ground that will provide support to civil society and human rights in Russia, the marketing of Nordic values and support for co-operation on the environment, energy, the climate, planning and health.

The new co-operation programme is flexible and open in terms of partners, project length and who will administer projects. The new programme and structure will be evaluated in 2017.

The level of ambition for the co-operation remains high and a significant budget has been earmarked for it.

The appropriate Russian authorities have been informed of the Council of Ministers’ plans.

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