The Danish-Russian Smart City seminar in Moscow. 


The Danish-Russian seminar on development of best available technologies was held at the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment in Moscow on the 24-25 of March 2015.

The meeting was headed by the director of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (Minprirody of Russia), Nuritdin Inamov, while the seminar was headed by the Minister Counsellor from the Danish Embassy, Steen Nørlov. Among the Danish participants were Grundfos,Hvidtved Larsen, Haldor Topsoe and Aalborg Engineering.

The seminar was very fruitful and it was agreed on to continue cooperation in concrete projects. Inamov expressed a sincere wish for concrete projects with Danish participants. A representative from the Finnish BSAG stated his envy that such a Danish-Russian seminar could take place. In the discussion the Danish companies were asked about preventions for them to implement their projects. The companies did not see other preventions than the funding problem. They stressed that the potential customers want a quick profit and that fixed tariff regulations are needed.

Present at the seminar was a wide range of regional representatives. They expressed a wish for solutions in waste combusting and waste incineration at the following plenary meeting.

The Danish companies as well as the regional participants all expressed their satisfaction with the seminar and look forward to future projects. 

You can read a more comprehensive summary of discussions, suggestions and results, as well as see the participation list by clicking here! (English text) 
The Russian text can be found here!