Legislation on Energy

In recent years, more emphasis has been put on environmental protection in Russia, and energy saving is one of the major priorities for the energy and utility sector’s development.Given the high level of equipment deterioration, the focus is on sector re-equipment using energy efficient technologies.

One of the tools for energy saving strategy implementation is the state program of the Russian Federation, Energy efficiency and development of energy sector, valid from 2013 to 2020. The program covers diversified issues dealing with development of the oil and gas sector, the coal industry, production of electricity, and development and usage of renewable energy. For the purposes of energy saving and minimizing the environmental impact the program envisages replacing outdated equipment, rehabilitation and introduction of new facilities based on efficient technologies.

The new legislative frameworks and the increased attention to the improvement of the energy and environment sector give great possibilities for Russian companies and administrations to improve utilization of resources using governmental budgeting.

Below you can find 28 min. long video that shows the Danish results of having the right legislations and how the country has grown to becoming the front actor of energy efficiency and savings as well as having a focus on climate solutions. Click here!


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